On Keeping a Travel Blog While Travelling

My poor blog’s been a bit neglected over the past couple of months. That’s because I’ve been off working in Finland, with fairly limited Internet access and even more limited free time! It turns out keeping a travel blog whilst travelling isn’t all that easy. Who knew?

I left for Finland determined to keep on posting while I was away. I figured that whatever I was doing, and wherever I was doing it, I could always find a couple of hours a week to write a blog post and chuck a couple of photos on Instagram. And written down it looks so easy! But I missed one week, and then I missed the next week, and then I posted but things were late… And eventually I just sort of gave up. Poor blog.

So, here’s the reason my blog’s been so quiet:

Looking across the Finnish border into Sweden

As far as excuses go, I think it’s a pretty good one.

Finland was quite simply stunning. Completely unlike anywhere I ever been before, and somewhere I definitely want to revisit.

But it did distract me from writing. Bad Finland.

Next time, I want to try and be more disciplined… Share any tips you have with me in the comments section!



9 thoughts on “On Keeping a Travel Blog While Travelling

  1. I found it incredibly hard to blog whilst travelling and I think being busy all day everyday just takes the energy out of you! So I don’t blame you if you’ve moved and have had to settle and be adventurous!


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